Recently, I had a call with my business coach (yes, I have a coach).  He reminded me that where we look first—the new—is the last place to look.  Rather, we should first look for the “more.”

For example, am I emailing my clients once a month?  Sometimes.  Do it more.  Am I producing valuable content and posting it to my social media?  Occasionally.  Do it more.  Am I meeting with other business owners?  Sporadically.  Do it more.  Am I obtaining video testimonials?  Rarely.  Do it more.

There are some things I’m doing “more” but could be doing “better.”  Am I following up with leads and prospects?  Yes.  Could I do it better?  Yes.  Am I checking with clients to see how their training and nutrition programs are going?  Yes.  Can I do it better?  Yes.  Am I being an example of health, fitness, and nutrition?  Yes.  Could I do it better?  Yes.

What’s “new?”  Well, that list is nearly inexhaustible.  And it’s what I fall victim to.  I think that it’s the next new thing that will FINALLY take my business to where I want it to be.  Yet, when I do that new thing, it doesn’t.  Why?  Because I do it inconsistently and, if I’m being honest, poorly.  (Admittedly, it’s partly why I’ve had four business coaches.)  But with the help of my coach, whom I’m committed to, I’m focusing on the “more” and “better” rather than the “new.” 

Let me ask you, how many new training and nutrition programs have you started?  And when one program wasn’t “working,” did you move on to something else?  Here’s the thing—EVERY program works, if only for a little while.  And most likely, long before the program would’ve stopped working, you stopped working the program.  Rather than moving on to something new,  could you have done it more?  Could you have done it better?  Did you follow the training program as designed?  Did you follow the nutrition program as recommended?  Or did you do “your version” of the program?  (“I’m Paleo, but I don’t exercise, and I drink chocolate milk.”)

One of the domains I work on with clients is nutrition (as well as movement, sleep, stress, and change, typically in that order).  Within the nutrition domain, we work on specific skills, e.g., eating enough nutrients, choosing better foods, eating well consistently, and eating well intuitively.  And within each skill, there’s a specific practice to, well, practice, e.g., eat enough protein, choose a rainbow of colorful vegetables, modify your food environment, and enjoy eating.

I mentioned that fitness, nutrition, and business ownership are analogous.  The principles my business coach shared with me regarding my business are the same ones I’ve been coaching my clients on regarding their health, fitness, and nutrition.  Granted, when clients start with me, we may need to start with something new.  But often, when they’ve not seen or have stopped seeing results, it’s not about the new but rather more and better.

Are you eating enough protein?  No?  Eat more.  Are you eating enough vegetables?  No?  Eat more.  Are you eating enough carbohydrates?  No?  Eat more.  Are you eating enough fats?  No?  Eat more.  Are you drinking enough fluids?  No?  Drink more.

Are you doing enough?  Then do better.  Choose better proteins.  Choose a rainbow of colorful veggies.  Choose better carbohydrates (not all carbs are created equal, nor are they evil).  Choose better fats.  Choose better beverages.  Eat mostly whole foods.

I’m not saying how I coach is the only or best way; it’s nothing new.  But by helping my clients do more and better, they’ve achieved remarkable, sustainable results.

After reading this, perhaps you realize you don’t need [another] new program; you recognize that you could’ve done more or better with a previous one (or five). 

I don’t know the guidelines or “rules” for your specific training and nutrition program, but I’m confident you could do more of them better.  And as I challenge you first to do more and then better, I’ll apply these principles to my business.  (And when you start receiving more emails from me, you’ll know I have.)

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