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You may think it’s no big deal that you requested this download, but it is.

It shows you’re ready to finally DO what it takes to change your body, life, and legacy for good!

You may have just wanted to look slightly better with your shirt off when you requested this.


Although you will look a little (okay, a lot) better with your shirt off, what’s within the pages of this download will positively impact every aspect of your life.  (And this is no overstatement.)

I’m confident you’ll be stupefied by the results you get in as little as 12 weeks as you choose to prioritize the habits in this download.  You’ll:

  • Become just as (or more) fit, strong, and lean than you were in your twenties
  • Look and feel better in your business AND birthday suit (a win for both you and your spouse)
  • Be able to do the everyday tasks you want to do whenever you want to do them
  • Run and play with your kids without the fear of pain or embarrassment (and do it again the next day)
  • Live the life you want without ever worrying about your body stopping you

In my more than two decades as a fitness and nutrition coach, I’ve helped dozens of committed fathers shed their dad bods and build rad bods (you had to expect at least one dad joke, right?)

If you’re ready to commit to this, click here to download The 7 Habits to Build a Fit Dad Bod, then prepare to be strong, and do the work!

Coach (and father of three) Adam

P.S. I often receive three answers when I ask a dad what he needs from me most as his coach: knowledge, expertise, and accountability.  Although you’ll find knowledge and expertise within the pages of this “blueprint” for building a fit dad bod, it’s short on accountability.

Now, I’m not intentionally withholding that from these pages.  It’s simply something I can’t provide within them.  But I can give it in person and online.

If you’re ready, willing, and able to commit to building a fit dad bod (and the cascading effect that goes along with this) and recognize that you need accountability, I invite you to skip the freebie and contact me here (and now).

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