January 1, 2017

Be a Non-Finisher

Tomorrow not only brings a new day, it brings a new year.  And with the new year, new hope, as many of us will resolve to lose weight, manage our time better, spend less (money), spend more (time with family), or enjoy life more fully. Something I’m resolving to do this year is to be a non-finisher.  Now, this isn’t my main resolution, but by being a non-finisher I’m confident I’ll better be able to finish what’s important. Since childhood we’re told to finish what […]
December 18, 2016

Act Like You’ve Been There Before!

“When you go into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.” – Vince Lombardi [unsourced] I mentioned to someone at that gym I was considering going golfing later in the day.  He said inquisitively, “Working out and golfing in the same day?!”  To which I replied, “Sure, the pros do it.”  He said, “You’re no pro”. He’s right, I know.  I’m no pro.  But do pros wait until they’ve turned professional to act like pros?  To do the things pros do?  No, I […]