September 2, 2020

If You Wanna Remain in Paradise, Learn to Enjoy the Journey

One of my rock star clients had a goal to lose 20 pounds of fat.  I say “had” because he’s achieved that.  I say “rock star” because he’s an awesome dude who did (and is still doing) the work. So, what’s next?  Well, he said maybe another 20.  I don’t remember his exact words (which I wish I had because they’re the impetus for this post) but it was something like this, “I know I’ll have reached my goal when I’m happy with what I […]
July 6, 2017

Have a Plan, Will Travel

My kids’ summer break is about half over.  And although we’ve nothing big planned as far as summer vacations go, I’m sure we’ll end up traveling somewhere for some time. More than likely you’ll be taking a trip (or five) this summer as well, whether it’s for business or pleasure.  Often when we take a holiday (keeping it international) our exercise and nutrition habits take a holiday, too.  The thing is though, our habits (and, ultimately, our outcomes) inevitably book a trip to where we intended them […]