July 13, 2017

Tag! You’re It!

Last week my family and I went to my kids’ school playground.  My nine-year-old daughter Elizabeth, six-year-old son Seth*, and I played tag.  There are very few games in which I’ll intentionally let my kids win.  I often handicap myself to level the playing field, but I typically won’t let them win.  Tag is the exception, though.  I’m [presently] faster, more agile, and more skilled, so I’ll often move at a little slower speed. Typically, I’ll know when to slow down.  My kids will stop […]
April 5, 2017

When I Was a Kid

I’m writing today in defense of kids everywhere. I’m defending them from adults who criticize them for not riding their bikes everywhere; for not staying out and playing until the street lights come on; for sitting around watching television and playing video games; and for spending countless hours texting their friends and updating their “status”. And most of all, I wanna defend them from listening to an adult say, “When I was a kid, I would [fill in the blank].” That’s great that when you […]