October 17, 2018

Disappointment Lies Between Your Expectations and Your Reality

Imagine for a moment you’re a no-name athlete representing your no-name country in the Olympics.  No one expects much from you.  You and your country are just happy you’ve been invited to the dance.  You come out, compete in your event, kick butt, and, surprisingly, finish 8th.  You’re the 8th best in the world in your event!  Immediately, you become your tiny nation’s most notable figure. Now, imagine you’re the top Olympic athlete for a “superpower” country in your respective sport.  You’re so good in […]
April 25, 2017

Lower Your Expectations

I don’t swim. I mean, I can swim, I just don’t. I run. People think running is boring. I’d agree . . . if they weren’t wrong. Thing is, many people who find running boring don’t actually know if it’s boring because they’ve not done it. I think they find the THOUGHT of running boring. I can relate, though, because I think swimming is boring. In my estimation, it’s like being on a treadmill (the scenery never changing) while holding your breath. All that being […]