December 13, 2017

How An Overspender Helped An Overeater

Last weekend my foster kids had a Christmas party to attend. There would be food. I was the one assigned to take them. Around the time we were to leave, my wife Caroline would take my “bio” daughter (yeah, bio’s a thing) and her friend to our church’s Christmas market. There would be artisans selling their stuff. A short time before we were all to leave, I told Caroline I was afraid I’d overeat at the party. She turned toward me and shared she was […]
March 7, 2017

The Having is in the Doing

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ~ Someone cleverer than me I don’t wanna be a complainer (well, I do for this post), but there are some things I don’t like doing.  By no means is this an exhaustive list, nor is it in any order, but it’s mine and I wanna share it. Cleaning the kitchen Returning and making phone calls to prospects, friends, and family Laundry Making my bed Disciplining my children […]