November 11, 2019

9 Things Basic Training Taught Me About Fitness

One of the greatest opportunities I’ve been afforded in my life was to serve my country in the Army National Guard.  And I’m reminded of this each Veterans Day. Having served makes me no less grateful and appreciative of those that served long before me or are currently serving both domestically and abroad.  If anything, it makes me even MORE grateful and appreciative of what they’ve done and continue to do. To this day, I’m still receiving the benefits of having served in the military, […]
May 23, 2018

Maybe the Opposite of Harder is Different

“You can’t do what you did to get here if you want to get there!” – Coach Martin Rooney I’m working with a new coaching client.  We met last week for our bi-weekly assessments, i.e., weight and circumference measurements.  More than occasionally, clients will preface our measurements with phrases such as, “I had a bad week” or “The numbers aren’t gonna be good.” First off, that’s just what they are—numbers.  Or more “scientifically”, data.  Taking measurements, or assessing, simply allows us to see what’s working […]
April 16, 2018

6 Lessons Learned by Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

I’ve never run the Boston Marathon, nor has it ever really been a goal. But QUALIFYING for it was. And, ultimately, it was something I did. It was at the 2011 St. Louis Rock n’ Roll Marathon that I qualified for Boston with a time of 3:09:40. I look back on that day with great fondness because I learned so much. Not just that day, but the many days, weeks, and months that proceeded it. Things that have helped me to this day . . […]
September 7, 2017

Coaches Aren’t for Everyone

Disclaimer: If you’re not yet on board with this exercise and nutrition stuff, then this article isn’t for you.  (What?  You can’t hear me over the sound of you getting fatter, unhealthier, and more outta shape?!)  If you have bought into the importance of exercise and nutrition, read on, reader. Early in my career, I viewed personal training as a luxury, not a necessity.  Because deep down I didn’t think my clients needed me, I would do all I could to keep them happy just […]