Are you ready to change the way your body looks, feels, and moves, and with a program that will meet you where you are? Then online coaching is for you!

Online coaching has kept me accountable in reaching my goals as well as adding new habits. The emails everyday really help keep me on track. The approach is like no other diet regime I have tried because it is not a diet but a lifestyle change. – Brook H.

The Program Includes:
  • A customized, 12-month, habit-based nutrition program backed by proven science, not fads, that will help you develop the mindset and behaviors needed for life-long success and that fits into your life (no crazy diets that never work)
  • Daily workouts with videos, step-by-step instructions, and tips on adjusting movements to meet your needs and ability
  • Daily lessons that can be read or listened to on the go
  • Habits that will help you put into practice what you learn in the lessons (success lies in the doing, not simply the knowing)
  • Bi-weekly progress checking (what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed)
  • Regular feedback on lessons, assignments, and habits
  • Online communication 24/7
  • Results (as proven by the 45,000 clients that have completed this program!)
  • Personal coaching by me via an online platform that is accessible on your computer, tablet, or mobile device

Let's Get Started

1. YOU sign up.

2. I design a customized plan.

3. Together WE execute the plan.

What makes 28:Tenn Fitness different?

I believe . . .

  • eating, moving, and healthy living should be an extension of who you already are. It should bring joy. It should play nicely with everything else in your world.
  • health and fitness should be simple, do-able, realistic, and manageable for your busy life.
  • you needn't starve on rabbit food or be required to stick to a bunch of rules you can’t follow.
  • exercise shouldn’t be penance for what you’ve done, but a celebration of what you can do.
  • you can make fitness and nutrition work within the parameters of your busy, real, and demanding life!