Television Rots Your Body

I used to be a big entertainment guy.  I enjoyed watching [a lot of] TV and movies.  But now, not so much.  I was thinking of why that is.

Parents might say it’s because I have three kids.  (Thank you for thinking more of me as a father than is warranted.)  Business owners, workaholics, and overachievers might say it’s because I’ve got a business to grow and run.  (I’d like to think I “hustle” like that.)  “Others” might say it’s because it’s a waste of time and rots my brain.  (That’s what I tell myself.)

Ultimately, I see some valid reasoning in each of these possible responses.  But I’ve one more to add.  One, I think, resonates with me more than any other.

Years into the fitness industry, I ate like crap.  And it wasn’t only what I ate, but how I ate.  I’d eat fast.  I’d stuff myself.  I’d eat while being distracted. 

The biggest distraction of all was TV.  Before kids, meals were almost always eaten in front of the TV.

But as I’ve improved my eating (not only what but how), one thing I [mostly] stopped doing is eating while I watch TV.  I realized only a few short months ago I no longer enjoy watching TV nearly as much as I used to.  In hindsight, I may have never enjoyed watching TV as much as I thought I did.  What I enjoyed was watching TV and eating. Typically, too, the foods I ate weren’t conducive to my health and fitness goals.  Nor did they align with what I value.

Honestly, I’m not sure where I’m really going with this post.  I’m big into “noticing and naming” why I’m doing what I’m doing.  This was a pretty big discovery for me, though.  And I admit, when I now sit down to watch a show or movie, I think about food. But I now think about food—instead of mindless eating it for 90 minutes (again, mostly).  So, at least now I’m only rotting my brain and not my body too.