Quiz Time! Fill in the Blank: Information. __________. Transformation.

I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition industry for nearly 20 years.  But it wasn’t until 2011 that I learned a life-changing, career-saving lesson.  Dare I call it an epiphany?

I studied nutrition in college.  Actually, “studied” may be a stretch.  I took nutrition in college (yeah, that’s better).  It wasn’t until I was outta college that I actually started studying it.  In my studying of nutrition, I gained a lot of information.  And it was this information that I passed along to my clients.

Admittedly, though, I did not practice what I preached.  Ultimately, this resulted in anything but [client] results.  How did my not practicing what I preached effect my clients’ lack of results?

In a lecture I heard from a coach I admire, Martin Rooney, he said, “How can you help someone get to a ‘7’ if you yourself have not been there?!”   Mind blown.  How can I take someone somewhere I’d never been myself?  Honestly, I may have been where many of my clients wanted to go, but I didn’t have to do much (if anything) to get there.  Regardless, I thought it important for me to finally DO what I’d been telling clients to do.

So, in 2011, I enlisted the help of a coach to hold me accountable to take action on all the information I knew.  And with the help of my coach, I got myself to a “7” . . . or better.  Actually seeing what can happen—what did happen—by taking action on the information was transformative—both personally AND professionally.  The results were in the doing, not the knowing.  (After all, “Knowing’s [only] half the battle!”, to paraphrase G.I. Joe.)

If you were to do a search for “how to lose fat” on the Interwebs, you’d get 14,300,000 results.  That’s a lot of information.  That should be enough, right!?  But yet, it’s not.

Lemme be clear, the amount of information is enough, but simply HAVING the information is not.  All this information needs to be put into action.

Strike that.  Very little of that information needs to be put into action.

In his book The Power of Less, Leo Babauta shares that when a person focuses on one goal at a time, the likelihood of him accomplishing it is 80%.  When this same person “focuses” on two goals at a time, the percentages of achieving either drop to 30%.  Add a third and fuggetaboutit.

To be relatively unbiased, I clicked on the first non-advertisement link from my “how to lose fat” search.  The article was “6 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat”.

Number one: don’t eat sugar and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks.  Never mind the remaining five.  If, for the next month, you were to focus on doing this one action consistently, what sorta return on [time] investment do you think you’d receive?

Take a look at your current diet and lifestyle.  Based upon all the information you have (I promise you, it’s enough), identify ONE thing that might be keeping you from achieving your goal.  Break that down into ONE seemingly small action step.  TAKE ACTION and be transformed.