Painful and Powerless or Painless and Powerful?

There’s a fable that says if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out.  But if you place it in tepid water and begin boiling the water slowly, the frog won’t notice the danger and will be cooked to death.

The moral of the story is that if a threat arises slowly versus suddenly, people will be unaware or unable to react.

I get it.  It makes sense.  But some biologists did a study, and this is what actually happens.  If you drop a frog in boiling water, it doesn’t jump out.  It dies.  And if you slowly boil the water, the frog will jump out.

I was kinda disappointed reading this.  I was hoping that the fable was true.  But I realized a fable is simply a narration intended to enforce a useful truth.  (I also realized most fables include talking animals, so that shoulda been a clue about its validity.)

But even though the fable’s not true, it still enforces a useful truth, whether a sinister threat or the achievement your health and fitness goals.

(For illustration purposes, let’s assume a sinister threat is a good thing, yeah?)

Often, when people begin an exercise and nutrition program, they try to change too many things at once as if jumping into a pot of boiling water.  It’s as if every change that needs to be made is a just few degrees warmer.  Too many changes at once, and the pot begins to boil, causing them to quickly jump out, i.e., bail on their program.  Has this been you?

But what if you were to take a slower approach, as if turning up the heat more slowly by making just ONE change, by practicing just ONE habit, at a time?  And after a few weeks of becoming comfortable with the habit, added another?  (I know the answer . . . and it’s a good one.)

In The Power of Less, author Leo Babauta shares that if you adopt one habit at a time, it leads to an 80% success rate.  But if you try to adopt just two simultaneously, your likelihood of achieving either goal drops to 30%.  If you add a third, you boil.  And I don’t just take Leo at his word—I’ve experienced this firsthand, both with myself and dozens of clients.  Less is more.

Change doesn’t have to be painful.  Clients have even commented on how painless change can be.

“When someone comments on how I look, and asks what diet I am on, I tell them it is not a diet.  Adam’s online nutritional training is the most painless, powerful physical changing of my life.” – Candy L.

Oh, and not only can change be painless, but Leo, Candy, and I all agree, it can be powerful.

If you’re tired of getting burned by traditional diets and want to learn a more painless (yet powerful) way to achieve your goal, please contact me.

If you’re ready to change your body, and your life (Candy’s words), this is your chance.  I’d love to help!*

*No frogs will be harmed in the achievement of your goals . . . unless you eat frog.