Coaches Aren’t for Everyone

Disclaimer: If you’re not yet on board with this exercise and nutrition stuff, then this article isn’t for you.  (What?  You can’t hear me over the sound of you getting fatter, unhealthier, and more outta shape?!)  If you have bought into the importance of exercise and nutrition, read on, reader.

Early in my career, I viewed personal training as a luxury, not a necessity.  Because deep down I didn’t think my clients needed me, I would do all I could to keep them happy just so they wouldn’t give me up.

After 17 years of gaining experience in this field, and seeing how I truly have made a difference in others’ lives, I view personal training completely differently.  I’m not going to go so far as to say personal training is a necessity, but it’s definitely not limited to being just a luxury either.  What is a necessity is training (exercise and supportive nutrition), and a personal trainer can help.

I’m hoping you’ve got at least some semblance of a health and fitness goal.  Do you need a personal trainer or coach to accomplish this?  Maybe, maybe not.  You might be able to accomplish it on your own.  But you know what else you can accomplish on your own?  You can do your own taxes, repair your own car, or even build your own house.  But you know what?  [Most of] you don’t.  It may be because you don’t wanna learn how to do them, or maybe you do know how to do some of them, but just don’t wanna take the time, or you know the expert will do it better, if not only quicker.

You may be thinking, “I’m an experienced exerciser.  I can do this on my own.”  I’m sure you can but lemme ask you a few things.  Are you getting the most from your time in the gym?  Are you consistently getting to the gym?  Are you eating right?  Do you really even know what eating right means?  Do you know how much discipline and hard work it takes?!  Ultimately, are you seeing results?

Some think trainers and coaches are for people who don’t know what they’re doing or lack self-discipline.  Yet others think trainers and coaches are for world-class athletes and A-list celebrities.  Who’s right?  Both!  No matter the training age, ability, profession, goal, etc. of the person, they can benefit from having a trainer or coach.

When I have specific goals I’ve not yet accomplished, I seek the help of coaches.  In the past, coaches helped me reach milestones I had not yet reached on my own.   They took me to new heights I had not yet been.  I believe working with those coaches saved me time and energy figuring out what works and what doesn’t (a.k.a. learning).  Coaches I hold in high esteem—many of whom I consider to be the best in the field—constantly speak of the importance of having a mentor or coach.

Okay, hopefully, you now see value in hiring a trainer or coach.  But what should you look for?  (Present company excluded?)

First and foremost, look for someone who knows what they’re coaching, does (or has done) what they’re coaching, and has successfully coached what they’re coaching.  If your goal is fat loss, find a trainer who knows how to lose fat, has themselves lost fat and has helped others lose fat.

In line with “knowing, doing, coaching”, a great coach will lead by example.  They will preach what they practice.  Would you hire a broke financial planner or a doctor with a lifestyle-related disease?  (Please say no.)

A great coach will coach excellence.  Excellence isn’t oriented toward a specific outcome, but instead on execution.  If a great coach teaches you how to execute with excellence, your outcome will happen.

The last thing I’ll mention is that a great coach will help unlock your motivation and know-how to tap into it when you’re feeling uninspired, which will happen.

There are other factors to consider, some of which you may not discover until you’ve entered into a coaching relationship.  Do they communicate well?  Are they committed to their craft and you and your success?  Do they show this by being prepared and prompt?  Are they professional in how they behave, what they say, and how they dress?

Whether or not you need a trainer or coach may be debatable, but I do know you would benefit from one.  They will design a program specific to your goal; they will hold you accountable to your plan; they will motivate and inspire; they will guide and encourage you.  Who can’t benefit from that?

Your goals are no less important than those of a professional athlete or world-class coach, are they?  Get with a trainer or coach and ask them to help you unlock your potential.

(Hmm, maybe coaching is a necessity?!)